Coffee table

White Coffee Table with Ambient Lights, a versatile and stylish addition to your living room.

Original price was: £115.99.Current price is: £105.99.


This coffee table not only provides a convenient surface for your beverages and belongings but also creates a cozy atmosphere with its ambient lights.

Designed with your customization needs in mind, this coffee table offers the option to choose storage drawers on either the left or right side, depending on your room layout and storage preferences. Additionally, it features an extendable design that allows you to adjust the table to be larger or narrower, making it an ideal space-saving solution for any living space.

The matte body of this coffee table adds a modern touch to your decor while also making it easy to clean and maintain. Say goodbye to fingerprints and smudges as you enjoy the sleek and fashionable aesthetic of this functional furniture piece.


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